Beyaz Kale 250 ml. olive oil
Beyaz Kale 500 ml. olive oil
Beyaz Kale 750 ml. olive oil
Beyaz Kale 1000 ml. olive oil
Orange peel preserue
Lemon peel preserue
Bitter orange peel preserue
Shaddock peel preserue
Blackberry jam 320 gr
Strawberry jam 320 gr
Sour cherry jam 320 gr
Blackberry marmalade 320 gr
Strawberry marmalade 320 gr
Apricot marmalade 320 gr
Orange marmalade 320 gr
Sour cherry maramalade 320 gr
Since 1972, today ...
Our company started in 1972 in Akhisar olives and olive oils production. Our Brand is BEYAZKALE is continuing its commercial activities. All our products are CERTIFICATED are produced with assurance. All our products are pasteurized and sterilized according to European norms in the manufacturing process is applied. Being an exporter of olive oil, Beyazkale supplies the variety of olive oil to a wide range of countries including major producer countries that either consume or re-export olive oil. Beyazkale olive oil is demanded from every part of the world and there are more than hundred countries that have experienced the excellent taste and fragrance of Turkish olive oil such as the EU, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, South African Republic, and the Russian Federation.
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