Beyaz Kale 250 ml. olive oil
Product Description
Beyaz Kale Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml. It is obtained by squeezing the Aegean Region's famous olive oil olives at the facilities of the BEYAZ KALE without heat treatment. BEYAZ KALE southern Aegean extra virgin olive oil with a maximum of 0.8% acid enhances the taste of sauces, salads, hot and cold foods with its natural flavor. The sale was offered in 250 ml bottle.
Analysis and control of white castle olives and olive oils are carried out in laboratories accredited by the International Olive Oil Council since 2000.
When olive oil is left in the cold or placed in the refrigerator it can change color and even froze. The frozen olive oil will become liquid again at room temperature. This does not cause any deterioration in taste or content, even if the oil changes color.
Air and heat damage olive oil. Be careful to store olive oil in cool places that do not see direct sunlight. Olive oil attracts all kinds of smells. For this reason, it should be kept closed in places without foreign smell.
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